It is common knowledge that conventional orthodontic treatments, or braces, demand a great deal of dedication, commitment, time and effort from patients. There is no denying that the result is absolutely astounding – but braces do tend to compromise the appearance of the smile during the course of the treatment.

Patients often hesitate from opting for orthodontic procedures simply because they don’t wish to go through all of this – but what if you could get straighter teeth minus the effort, minus the metal components, in the most discreet way possible? One of the most reliable dental aligner systems being used at leading dental facilities around Australia is ClearCorrect. The easy to use system guarantees outstanding results for cases of mild to moderate dental mal-alignment. 


How are ClearCorrect Aligners different from orthodontic braces?

Perhaps the only factor of similarity between the two treatments is that they are both aimed at making straightening the teeth for a more aesthetically appealing smile. Unlike braces, which make use of various appliances like brackets, wires, bands, expanders and coils etc – ClearCorrect aligners get the work done with the help of a set of custom fabricated clear, high quality plastic trays which are supposed to be worn over the teeth of the upper and lower jaws. These trays are 100% transparent, and therefore do not compromise the appearance of the smile while it is being treated – this means that patients can comfortably wear the ClearCorrect aligners throughout the day without anyone ever noticing.

With braces, the wires are routinely upgraded to accommodate new movements, but in the case of ClearCorrect, Australian patients get a new set of aligners every two weeks or so for the same purpose. The trays fit the teeth snugly, and exert the amount of pressure required to push or pull the teeth towards the desired positions in the mouth. In most cases, the duration of the clear braces treatment is also much shorter than that of conventional orthodontics.

How do the ClearCorrect Aligners work?

When patients come to our practice at Southern Smiles, we start off by taking intraoral 3D images of their upper and lower arches, along with full mouth radiographs. Based on these x-rays or impressions, clear plastic trays are fabricated for every individual patient. These clear braces must be worn on the teeth for at least 22 hours per day for desired results – and must only be removed when you’re eating food, brushing your teeth, or cleaning your ClearCorrect aligners. 

The trays exert pressure on the teeth, pulling or pushing them over time towards a straighter upper and lower arch. As new movements take place, the trays are replaced every two weeks to continue exerting pressure on the teeth till they are all in the correct positions. The treatment may take from 8-12 months depending upon the initial dental alignment of the patient, and whether they wear the aligners for the required period of time each day.

How do I know if clear braces are right for me?

At Southern Smiles Dental, we offer professional orthodontic consultation to all patients prior to the procedures. These are meant to address any questions or queries you may have regarding the treatments, and to give you a comprehensive, step by step review of what to expect. In certain cases, such as severe dental mal-occlusion, arch crowding, uneven bite etc, clear aligners may not be the right treatment for you.

Conventional orthodontic treatments are aimed at correcting jaw relations, bone rotations, mal-occlusions and bites, whereas ClearCorrect in Australia is targeted towards helping patients smile more confidently with more attractive, straighter looking teeth. We’ll use facial analysis, 3D imaging and radiographs to help determine the requirements of your case to help you understand your dentition better. One consultation appointment with our experts will be enough for you to find out which orthodontic procedure best suits your needs.

If you long for a winning smile, without having to wear metallic appliances, and if you want to straighten your teeth without anyone ever noticing a thing – then ClearCorrect aligners are the perfect solution for you. If you’re looking for alternatives, our post about the best clear braces brands can help you with that. Book an appointment with our team today to learn more about ClearCorrect. Call us today: (02) 8503 9902

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